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Does SEO Still Work

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With search engines, particularly Google, constantly updating their algorithms, the presence that businesses have on the Internet is consequently affected—for better or for worse. The unabated changes have led some people to question the relevance of search engine optimization, better known as SEO. In fact, some industry experts are already signaling the death knell for the process. Ultimately, though, despite some major changes, SEO is still very relevant in determining the level of visibility that websites have.


SEO involves the increase of website visibility in a search engine’s search results. When people type a word, phrase or string of words in a search engine box to find something, the search engine box pulls up pages of results. Ideally, a website should be the first one on the first page, and should appear at virtually every search session. The higher ranked and more frequently a website shows up, the more visitors the website gets. Thus there will always be a demand for crafting Internet marketing campaigns that optimize the visibility of websites.

Relevant Tactics

Some age-old tactics still matter in the world of SEO. Search engines are always going to favor high-quality content. But even that isn’t enough. Website owners or webmasters have to make sure that they have optimized high-quality content. And there’s no better way to do so than using keywords and phrases, which users type into the search box. Without them on the web pages, search engines would not get the information they need to understand the relevance of the website for search queries. Also helpful are hyperlinks, web page references to data that help search engines discover content. The links, though, have to be pointing from similar quality sources in order for search engines to regard the website as an authoritative source.

SEO is a huge business. Serpshake for example specializes in SEO for Singapore businesses and professionals. However, since SEO and digital marketing can be done from anywhere in the world, there is no need for an agency to limit itself to just a single geographic location.

Outdated Tactics

Other SEO tactics, though, are no longer as effective as they used to be, due to the continued advancement of search engine technology. It used to be a common practice for website owners to stuff their web pages with keywords and phrases to increase their chances of higher visibility. Also common was actually buying links to other websites or authorizing a Web directory to do so. Other opportunistic tactics include duplicating websites or categories on different domains and arranging for automatic upload of website content. These strategies were always limited at best, but they are more so now (or even dead), thanks to search engines always evolving year by year.


In the realm of digital marketing, you don’t really have to take the hot seat of mastering the flow of each niche you have, or any social media account you have. But rather, you can use postings to generate more traffic, and not just once, but more than you can normally make. The most reluctant businessmen are those who don’t give it a lot, something like limiting the capabilities of their business. Same thing goes to you if you keep hesitating to do matters on your own regarding your business.

The frequency of traffic depends upon your number of posts per day, the articles could be unique, but it’s actually depending on what kind of post you have to get the attention of the crowd. The internet is a big crowded market, now it depends on how you manage and find ways to get the crowd lining up and saying that they need your attention.

Engaging yourself in a strategic way will help you learn gain more clients by just simply asking yourself what kind of questions rises when your customers is lured into your bait. This trait will give you the best satisfying results and thus gives you a wide idea on how to cope up with the buzzing crowd. For more information and details about this article, please watch the video below.